Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion




Project Status: TESTING

SARP’s flagship rocket, Pacific Impulse, is a liquid bipropellant rocket designed for competition use. The rocket employs an oxidizer and fuel combination of nitrous oxide and ethanol, respectively. It is currently being used to test technology for our next generation of bipropellant rockets.

Manufacturing of Pacific Impulse was disrupted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and was completed in 2022.

Height: 20 ft

Thrust: 1200 lbf


Project Status: IN DEVELOPMENT

Stargazer is our most advanced rocket. Using a liquid bipropellant propulsion system, it will go to heights that SARP has never before achieved, at speeds unparalleled by our other projects. Achieving the aims set out by Stargazer requires the development of a suite of new technologies.

Among these technologies are the tools required to manufacture electric turbopumps, used for transporting cryogenic fuel within the kind of high-performance rocket engine Stargazer necessitates. Additionally, our Payload subteam has been completely retooled to develop reaction control system (RCS) technology, which uses pressurized gasses to adjust rocket attitude in flight.

We hope to see Stargazer get to space by 2025.


Project Status: FLIGHT READY

Pocket Rocket is a testbed; a simple rocket to test our more advanced and experimental projects. Completed in 2023, it will see its first flight this year, with the aim of testing our recovery and advanced reaction control systems.

Apogee: 7,000 ft

Top Speed: Mach 0.7


Project Status: IN DEVELOPMENT

Short King is our competition rocket that will be entered into the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) in 2024, after undergoing final design and manufacturing this year. Standing at 11.25ft tall, and made from carbon fiber and components machined here on campus, it will teach new and current members how to build larger, and faster rockets, eventually paving the way for SARP to reach space.

Apogee: 10,000 ft

Top Speed: Mach 1


Project Status: RETIRED

Moon Dawg, launched at IREC in June 2019, was a hybrid rocket measuring more than 14 feet from nose cone to fins and reached an apogee of nearly 17,000 ft AGL. Moon Dawg won the 30,000 ft category as well as the Spaceport America Cup.

Apogee: 17,000 ft