Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion




First and foremost, SARP exists to educate the next generation of aerospace engineers. We want everyone who contributes to the design and construction of our rockets to be able to see them fly during their tenure here. Our competition initiatives are designed to do just that. In these fast-paced projects, new members learn by doing as they contribute to SARP’s entry in various student rocketry competitions. SARP has a history of achievement: in 2019, we brought home the first place prize in the Spaceport America Cup. Though the pandemic stagnated our efforts, SARP is ready to dominate the competition once again.

Competition-Related Projects


SARP has always sought to push the boundaries of what is possible for a student rocketry club. Our most ambitious goal is to reach space, a project requiring multiple advanced technologies that need to be developed. SARP’s space program is the cutting edge of our organization. From 3D printed regeneratively-cooled dual-propellant engines that give us the raw power needed to breach the atmosphere, to advanced cold-gas thruster reaction control systems we’ll use when the air gets too thin for the fins to stabilize the craft, SARP undergraduates are chasing industry. We hope to get to space for the first time in 2025.

Spaceshot-Related Projects


Testing infrastructure is the backbone of what we do at SARP. All of our technologies have to be adequately vetted before we use them in the field. As an integral part of our design process, significant resources have been diverted towards preparing durable and reliable testing equipment that enables the team to iterate efficiently.

Testing-Related Projects